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ATC Submissions

Thank you to everyone who participated in our monthly ATC (Artist Trading Card) Exchange Program. So many members have joined in on this fun activity, and submitted very colorful and creative trading cards.

What are ATCs ?

ATC stands for the Artist Trading Card Exchange Program. These are 2 ½ by 3 ½ inch handmade art cards (the same size as baseball cards) that are traded, and NEVER sold!

You can use any media to create your own personalized cards: watercolor, oils and acrylics; crayons, colored pencils and pen&ink; Anything you can think of if you can fit it on the card and still be thin enough to fit inside a standard plastic trading card sleeve. Each card can be a series of closely identical artwork or each card could be unique. Backs of cards often have information about the artist.

Don't miss out on ATC Exchange Program 4 !

It's not to late to submit your ATCs for this month. Tuesday, April 30th, is the deadline to mail (postmark) your trading cards. You may submit 4 to 6 cards, with the following info: Theme, Title, Date, Your name, Contact info (optional), Social media (optional), Series number (optional)

Please place all ATCs and a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) in an envelope to mail. Be sure to weigh your envelope and put the same postage on your SASE. Mail to: 

Concord Art Association ATC

PO Box 641, Concord, CA 94522

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