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CAA Popup Sales - Vendor Tips and Guidelines

Pre-Show Preparations

  1. Take photos of every show or pop-up you’re involved in. Some shows have a requirement that you include a photo of your booth with your application.

  2. Practice setting up your booth at home so you can take a photo allowing you to have a reference to follow once you’re onsite. This will help make set-up faster and you will be less nervous. 

  3. Don’t plan to bring every single thing you’ve ever created to every show. Or, if you must bring it, hide half of it under your table and replace sold items with new stock. Instead, create a catalogue on your phone or be able to access your website, so customers can see additional works. 

  4. Have on hand $100 in small bills in order to make change for small cash transactions. For your customers' convenience offer Square, Venmo, Zelle, and/or other payment services. Many people carry no cash these days.


Table Appearance


  1. Table covering: a dark or white tablecloth that reaches the floor shows off your items and allows your supplies to be hidden under the table, out of sight.

  2. Promote yourself: hang signage across the front of your table with the name of your business.

  3. Use different heights and levels to create interest and more places to display your art as opposed to having all of your art on one flat table top. Use risers, shelving, or crates. Customers need their attention grabbed.

  4. Think about adding some seasonal decor, a small plant or flower bouquet or a bowl of candy. Anything to bring a person to your table so they look, ask questions, and give you their contact info to use at a later date.

Customer and Table Management

  1. Greet every possible customer who walks by. Don’t look down at your phone. Better yet, make art while you’re at the show. This engages people and makes for an easier conversation starter.

  2. Ask customers and others to sign your guest book with contact info. Keep this info to create a mailing list to use before every event or activity you’re involved in. Marketing is your most important tool.

  3. Introduce yourself and get to know your fellow artists. You never know when the contact you make will benefit you. Plus it helps to have someone watch your booth while you use the restroom.

  4. Some artists offer an item to be raffled off at the end of the show. No need for entrants to attend to win but you collect more names that way.

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