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CAA Members Paint for Peace

Several members of the Concord Art Association recently took part in a gratifying art event hosted by 333Arts for Creative Concord and the City of Concord. The Art “Jam” in the Park was part of a month long series of events during June, all centered around beautifying Concord with a variety of art installations. We would like to thank Sharon Petersen for coordinating this event for CAA and providing training in spray paint technique!

The “Jam” was held in Todos Santos Park the second weekend in June for 12 teams of artists who each volunteered to paint a 6’x6’ mural to be donated to a local non-profit. Each team created and completed their own original designs during two five-hour sessions. The CAA team of 15 chose an uplifting and hopeful design and titled it “Reaching for Peace.” We each signed the back of the mural and added the title and CAA logo too. Our mural will be donated to the Monument Crisis Center to beautify their grounds.

During the time creating our mural we were able to meet and connect with each of our fellow artists and with the public. It was a lively event that attracted many families to the park. They took selfies in front of our mural and thanked us for our contribution. It was truly a fun, satisfying, and priceless accomplishment, one that we will always remember and are glad that we were a part of. Next time CAA offers a volunteer opportunity, raise your hand!

Here is the link to photos on the CAA website:

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