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CAA Online Gallery News

CAA invites members to participate in the Online Gallery. This is a member benefit that displays up to six samples of your work on the CAA site. Your contact information, art mediums, sizes and prices (art that is not for sale is also accepted) are included on your gallery page. If you haven’t sent artwork to the gallery, you can find out how to do so on the Gallery page. By submitting photos permission to publish is granted; artists hold all copyrights for their works.

Jane Russell's mosiac art at CAA Online Gallery
Art by Jane Russell, CAA Online Gallery

In the past, CAA accepted six images and allowed for up to four more submissions. For 2023, six images total will be the policy of the Gallery. If you have more than six on your page, we’ll leave those up for the year and we may edit down next year with your input so that the Gallery remains consistent. Members are welcome to send edits at any time, including replacing images with your latest works.

Gallery Updates

If your work is in the Gallery, check your page for the following possible edits:

  • Contact information – either website or email link. It’s optional, but your contact information should be available if you have art listed for sale.

  • Image resolution – images should be 72 ppi with a minimum dimension of 2,000 pixels wide. Anything less could look small on the page, and blurry. If you notice this, send us new JPGs so we can feature your work at its best.

  • No watermarks on the images please.

Thanks for making the Online Gallery a dynamic and artful place. Contact Lisa McElroy at Concord Art Association with questions and updates.

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