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Member Gallery

Vera Arellano - acrylic painting
Annette Laurel Batchelor - oil painting
Michele Browne - printmaking

Pat Calabro - digital art
Linda Curtis - casein painting

Janice Davis - acrylic painting

Jessica de Jesus
- mixed media
Amrita Deshpande - watercolors
Warren Dreher - pastels
Rosa Fallon - mixed media
Rachel Fite - oil painting
Lisa Fulmer - mixed media
Natalie Gamble - acrylic painting
Karen Giorgianni - oil painting

Jennifer Granat - mixed media

Saira Grube - mixed media, ceramics
Denise Hillman - oil painting
Renaye Johnson - oil painting

Thea Jue - acrylic painting
Irene Bee Kain
- acrylic painting
Jan L. Lainoff
- mixed media
Kim Lawson - photography

Laurie Mansur - oil painting
Pat McDermont - watercolors
Lisa McElroy - mixed media

Cathy McNutt - mixed media
John Nakanishi - mixed media, ceramics
Ebba Navas - digital on glass
Yumiko Nishizawa - watercolors
Sharon Petersen - mixed media
Jane Russell - mixed media mosiacs
Lori Rutledge - mixed media
Dwight Shackelford - oil painting
Toru Sugita - printmaking

Carrie Vanhouten - mixed media
June Vega - acrylic painting

CAA Members: you may submit up to six images of your artwork for the Member Gallery on an ongoing basis. By submitting photos permission to publish is granted; artists hold copyrights for their works.

Criteria for submitting work:

  • Be a member of Concord Art Association (join CAA)

  • Accepted file types are .jpg or .png

  • Resolution: 72 ppi

  • Minimum dimension: 2,000 pixels wide

  • Sharp images with good lighting and no glare

  • Shoot flat or against a plain background

  • No watermarks

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