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Happy New Year, Creative You!

Woo Hoo! Creative You in January 2022!

Today is the first blank page of your 365-page book! Let’s all write a good one reflecting on our blessings, appreciating everything/everyone, and finding a smile for each day of the year! These colder days with inclement weather may be just the thing to renew that creative spark in you! Try taking a class, watch a YouTube art video, try a new art medium/technique or enjoy time creating whatever warms your heart! Remember to send photos of your masterpieces by January 25th to: Include your name and the art medium used in your artwork. Looking forward to seeing your January creations!

  • January Theme: Renewal

  • January Word Prompts: Beginnings – Magic – Cold

  • Photos for Inspiration:

January 11 Guest Artist Nikki Basch Davis

Please join us on Tuesday, January 11 at 6:00 pm for a demonstration and presentation by local artist Nikki Basch Davis. This meeting will be held via Zoom. Following is a description of the presentation by the artist: Large paintings are always a challenge for me. They require careful planning. The painting originates in my head rather than in my heart. As a Plein air painter, often, I came home with small paintings, painted quickly and intuitively. I liked those paintings and found that they best express the mood, time of day, temperature, etc. I had basically bypassed the thought process. The painting became an emotional response. A great example of this phenomenon is the British painter, Constable. His small sketches, painted outdoors, as preparations for his large paintings, are full of life and mystery. The large ones are, to my eye, stifled and lifeless, In this presentation, I will share my method of bringing images from our small paintings, sketches, or photographs to a larger scale while maintaining the elements that made the small image interesting.

An email containing a Zoom link will be sent to members shortly before the meeting. Not a member? It's always a perfect time to join!

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