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We may not know each other yet, but we have something in common: our interest in creating art. Creating art is a curious discipline (though I would hardly describe my art-making as disciplined). But it’s this creative process that I enjoy and crave. It doesn’t always happen, but sometimes during this mysterious process of creating art, I suddenly find myself “in the zone.” It’s like a runner’s high. The feeling is captivating, mesmerizing, meditative — a fulfilling experience. Then sometimes, I get a bonus:

I love my finished art! I amaze myself! For me, this is what brings me back to creating more art. Is this just me? I wonder if my experiences are similar to yours.

It’s great when all of that happens while creating art. The thing is, inspiration and motivation don’t always come together when you want them. Sometimes inspiration comes easily. I look around and find that everything I see inspires me at times. Other times, it’s not so straightforward, and inspiration seems nowhere to be found. Sometimes I don’t “feel like” creating and can’t get motivated to start. I’ve found that in any of those “stuck” times, belonging to CAA has helped me get inspired and motivated to create art.

As I start my first term as president of CAA, I look back at why I decided to serve on the board: I care about CAA artists, and I appreciate how this association helps artists through art classes, shows, and activities. As your president, I hope that I can continue the work of CAA, serving our members and connecting with the community. The symbiosis is essential — we artists thrive when we create art, and the community thrives when they have skills to enjoy. I hope that you’ll join us in progressing the mission of the Concord Art Association in the new year!

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