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CAA's First Member Meeting of 2023 - Feb. 14

Thanks to all who came out to the Concord Library for the first CAA member meeting of the year. We had a good visit, a great Mini Art Show, and a fun Valentine's craft project led by Liz Roberts. Our next member meeting will be May 9, with guest speaker, Golden Paint rep Tesia Blackburn. There will be Golden samples! Don't miss it: Tuesday, May 9, Concord Library, 1 pm. Bring your latest art and a mini easel for the Mini Art Show.

A summary of the meeting, led by President Catherine Hensiek:

  • Name badge holders were passed out for the next meeting name badge contest: members are to decorate their name tags any way they want and bring to the May 9th meeting for the contest. All media is encouraged as long as your name is on the badge.

  • Check out our first Call for Art for the year at the Visit Concord gallery wall. Submissions are due by March 20.

  • There will be more opportunities to show art work this year, including for the Colors of Spring show at Concord Historical Society, May 5, 6 and 7. CAA will be adding more publicity and signage, as well as improved space set-up this year. The first Pop-up Sale at Visit Concord will be on May 13. More details on these calls will be emailed out and on the website.

  • More shows and sales include fall and winter shows at Visit Concord, a Pop-up sale at Studio 55 in Martinez in August, a 60 Years of CAA exhibit at aRt Cottage this summer, a show at Lindsay Dirkx Brown Gallery in San Ramon in the fall, a small works show at Concord Library and a Pop-up at Salvio Pacheco Square in November. More details to come.

  • Master-crafter Liz Roberts taught us how to make gift boxes for Valentine's Day. Thank you Liz for your knowledge and all the fabulous supplies you brought so we could make beautiful, personalized folded boxes.

As we celebrate CAA's 60th year, we'll be using that as our theme to participate in Concord's 4th of July parade. We'll need volunteers, crafters, prop-makers, and walkers to march in the parade. A car would also be great, decorated or not. CAA was formed in 1963, so keep that in mind for parade ideas.

Thank you Barbara Nebeker for organizing the Mini Art Show at CAA member meetings. We appreciate your service to art! Each Mini Show is a chance to see, appreciate and discuss members' latest works. Everyone put your hands together for Barbara and for Carrie VanHouten who volunteered to take over the Mini Art Show going forward.

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Natalie Gamble
Natalie Gamble
17 февр. 2023 г.

Is there a way to get a blank name tag? I forgot to pick one up at the meeting.

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