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Cindy Aguilar of Monte Gardens Elementary School Awarded CAA Teachers' Grant

Cindy Aguilar, fifth-grade teacher at Monte Gardens Elementary, has been awarded the Concord Art Association Teachers’ Grant. She used the grant to buy paint and canvasses for the entire fifth grade. The students painted memories of their time at Monte Gardens, including scenes of Mt. Diablo and the diverse plant-life that grows in the school garden.

Thank you to Cindy for sharing the fifth-grade classes' beautiful art work with us. We wish all the students a happy summer as they get ready to start middle school this fall.

The CAA Teachers’ Grant Program is part of CAA's mission to enrich the lives of Concord area residents. Yearly membership dues, exhibit fees, donations and fundraising provide funding for CAA community programs. You can find out more about CAA grants, scholarships, and community projects here.

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