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Our plein air outing at the Lafayette Reservoir

was a beautiful clear, cool and blustery morning at the Lafayette Reservoir. Lots of wildlife out and about early - including deer, turkeys and spandex clad women and men running, walking, talking and enjoying the day being together. School buses dropped off kids for camp as their counselors divided them into groups. It was an exceptionally vibrant day filled with lots of excitement!

Unfortunately though, nobody was available to attend this outing with our host, Pat McDermont, citing conflicting commitments, exhaustion from a hectic week and general forgetfulness. Several asked if a reminder of up the coming Plein Air outings could be posted on the CAA Facebook page and/or a note sent to all members the week of or before the outing. Because you asked, you will get it - keep a look out!

On Thursday, August 19th, our destination will begin at the fountain in front of the Visit Concord Center in Salvio Pacheco Square with hosts, Catherine & Bill Hensiek. Click here for the flyer with more details.

Looking forward to seeing you all again, and if you weren’t able to join us before, do plan on joining us soon! Until then, continue staying safe, be well and continue making art.

Click here for the full schedule of 2021 Plein Air outings for download and printing.

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