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The Concord Art Association is excited to announce a scholarship for DVC art students. CAA will be offering four $500.00 scholarships to qualified art students. The scholarship not only provides financial assistance, but we also offer

  • a one year CAA membership to recipients

  • a chance to display their artwork on our virtual gallery

  • an opportunity to participate in CAA art shows

  • collaboration with CAA members in public art projects February-March(our utility box projects). CAA plans to continue offering four $500.00 scholarships annually. This scholarship will be posted by the DVC Financial Aid Scholarship program and by the DVC art instructors in Feb-March annually. CAA is thrilled to provide this opportunity to DVC art students to gain financial assistance and community art exposure. Applicants who are second-year art majors currently attending DVC may apply for this year’s scholarship via the following link.

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