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San Ramon City Hall Gallery "Lazy Days of Summer"

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

During the months of July and August for our summer member show. CAA members explore the theme "Lazy Days of Summer" in a variety of ways. Participating artists are Annette Laurel Batchelor, Carrie Vanhouten, Deanna Merrigan, Irene Bee Kain, Janice Davis, John Nakanishi, Karen Giorgianni, and Kees van Prooijen, Laurie Mansur, Lisa McElroy, Patti St.Denis, Renaye Johnson, Sharon Petersen, Thea Jue, Tom Quinlavin, Yumiko Nishizawa. Join us for a reception at 1:00 on July 13. Artwork credit clockwise from top: Olga Griffin, Karen Giorgianni, Irene Bee Kain, Deanna Merrigan, Renaye Johnson. To find out more information about San Ramon City Hall Gallery shows, click here.

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