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The Concord Crawl

Visit Concord has invited CAA members to participate in the new and improved Concord Crawl in advance of the general public! This event, previously organized by the Concord AAUW, is called the Concord Art and Wine (and Beer!) Walk has been renamed and will be held June 18 from 1-4 pm in Todos Santos Plaza -- along with the Corvette Show! Crawl participants will visit businesses to sample wine/beer and a small appetizer, as well as enjoy music at several stops, including Salvio Pacheco Square. We hope to have artists in the Salvio Pacheco Square, in the breezeway from the Square to Mt. Diablo St. and along Salvio in front of businesses facing the park.

Proceeds will still fund AAUW Concord’s Women’s Scholarships and the Tech Trek program.

If you are a CAA member and would like to participate, sign up HERE.

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