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Upcoming Art Classes, Taught by CAA Members

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Three gold cyanotype prints of plants, created by Kara Bonsteel
Anthotypes by CAA member Kara Bonsteel

Are you ready to expand the boundaries of your art practice, update your skills, or absorb the energy of a studio full of artists working together to create something new? Many CAA members are art teachers and there are a number of classes starting in January. Check out our Classes page to find out more information about a wide range of art classes and workshops taking place this winter, including mixed media, watercolor, collage, Zentangle and printmaking. More information at the links on the Classes page.

Are you a CAA member and art teacher? Please get in touch so we can promote your classes. We list CAA art teachers and their contact links on our Classes page. Send dates and locations of your upcoming classes, including links to sign up and/or contact link to you for more information. Send to:

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Toru Sugita
Toru Sugita
Dec 29, 2022

Thank you for including my DVC Etching classes in SP23 semester. Class will be MW evening 6:30 ~ 9:35 pm. Studio will be open from 5 pm. Starts January 23.

Toru Sugita

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