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Visit Big Break Visitor Centerfor the CAA Art Show

Concord Art Association member artists are showing 40 paintings and other artworks at the Big Break Regional Shoreline Visitor Center from January through March 2022. The regional park staff asked CAA artists to create work that celebrates a Concord view of the Delta. Most of the

work on display is for sale, so stop by to add to your own art collection a painting or photograph that celebrates our beautiful Delta area. Take time when you are enjoying the art to read

about how the water, shoreline, flora, and fauna, inspired the artists.

Artist Lori Rutledge writes about her painting "Henrietta the Heron" featured above. “The Great Blue Heron (Ardea Herodias) is often seen standing silently at Big Break near the shore. These exquisite birds are the largest herons native to North America, ranging in height from 36 to 54 inches, with a wingspan of 66 to 79 inches. Amazingly, they have an overall weight of between 4-6 pounds. I was inspired to paint a Blue Heron by both their delicate beauty and majestic presence.”

The Visitor Center is located at 69 Big Break Road in Oakley and is open Wednesday to Sunday from 10-4. Call first to make sure the center is open (510)-544-3050.

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