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Volunteers - CAA Needs You

If you enjoy using social media, or would like to delve deeper into the satisfying world of promoting and imparting local arts information to CAA's internet followers, consider volunteering for CAA's social media director.

Create posts for meetings, events and exhibits on our Instagram and Facebook. Take photos at our events, or use photos that our members take (we're always looking for photos, by the way). If you would like to help out with this vital task and if you are familiar with Facebook Business and/or Instagram, please get in touch.

We're also looking for people to help us create JotForms for our exhibit entries and other online sign-ups. If you've never created a JotForm, it's a helpful skill to have and it's not complicated. And as mentioned in our February newsletter, JotForm is currently hosting a free academy course to learn how to use the application and become JotForm certified.

And one more request for the technology savvy or for people who would like to learn more about website building and maintenance. We could use a second person to work on the CAA website, which is updated regularly whenever we host and promote exhibits and events. We use Wix, and we will train you on it. If you want to pitch in, or sharpen your online skills, or learn how to build and maintain a site (something every artist should do as part of the profession), this is the opportunity for you.

CAA is 100% volunteer-run and we can always use volunteers in multiple capacities. Please email us if you are interested. Your skills and knowledge help keep the oldest running art association in Contra Costa County running smoothly.

Email CAA at to volunteer.

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